Parisian Portraits

A few of the faces I got to meet on my Paris trip.

The owner of a lovely little restaurant near Place de la Republique.

Skater at Place de la Republique

Justine, owner of

I strolled through the 18th Arr., photographing the neighborhood and getting a feel for the area. While there, this brother saw me with my camera and stopped to chat while he was working. He told me he was a fan of photography and we had a good time chatting about the wariness the residents of the 18th Arr. had toward outside photographers, and the nuances of Paris.

While walking home late from a restaurant, I heard a voice break the silence asking what sort of stuff I was shooting. I turned to see this guy here, walking with his backpack and a yoga mat rolled up in the side. Walking in the same direction, we chatted a bit about photography and the city of Paris. I asked him if he was a yoga practitioner, to which he responded that the mat was actually his bed, as he was homeless at the time. He posed for this portrait, and said that he was off to find a place for lodging for the night. Unfortunately I forget his name.

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"You're from Brooklyn?"